Apple iphone XR

Apple iPhone XR Reviews and Comparisons with the Other Series Apple iPhone 64gb XR reviews you are looking for are probably here. Yes, iPhone XR  is a product that was launched back in 2018. Although there are some other newer series released in the market, it seems that the demand for the product is still very high. Even if you compare it with other popular products, such as Apple iPhone 12 vs iPhone XR, for some reason iPhone XR is still the favorite.

There are some products from Apple that gain more attention at that time. Aside from iPhone XR, there are also iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro. Users want them because of some improvements that make their performance greater. So, are you interested in buying the iPhone XR to compare it with other products like Apple iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR? Read the following explanations.

Apple iphone XR

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Apple iphone XR


Undeniably, the iPhone series has a typical design that is quite similar from one to another. Slightly, it makes this product not more special than others, such as Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone XR. Yes, the product comes with a screen that is quite large, it is 6.1 inches. Besides, the technology featured on the screen is said to be very high. It just improves your performance in doing many activities with it starting from reading news to watching videos.

While the screen size is impressive enough, the product is also supported with a premium body design. If comparing the new Apple iPhone vs iPhone XR, both are not even so much different. The body is very slim and it is made from high-quality glass. The frame is aluminum 7000, making the iPhone XR look stronger and sturdier. There are some options for the misc colors, they are black, red, yellow, blue, and coral.


Well, the screen design has been good enough, so how about its details and quality? Is it as good as iPhone 12 Pro when competing in Apple iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone XR? Fortunately, the product’s screen is also proven to be great. It comes with a resolution of 828×1792 pixels with a ratio of 19.5:9. It is also supported with a pixel density that is quite high, 336 PPI.

Furthermore, this part also features a multitouch and Anti-scratch surface. Thanks to the extra protection from Oleophobic and True-Tone technology. Generally, the screen also works well in any condition including when recharging with Apple iPhone Charger XR.

Speed and Performance

Talking about speed and performance, it cannot be separated from the job of Apple iPhone iOS XR. Yes, the product offers you super-fast and efficient speed and performance without being worried about lagging. Aside from being supported by Apple iPhone chargers XR, the smartphone also uses the Apple A12 Bionic chipset with processor technology of 7NM.

In addition, the brain of the product also features the 10-core processor as well as the GPU from Apple with 5-core graphics. Those features make the smartphone more competitive even among the products in the same brand, such as Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone XR.

Well, the processor hardware is proven to be very good. Sure, it is not enough without great software also. Interestingly, iPhone XR is also equipped with the newest operating system, which is iOS 12. It gives some benefits including in terms of battery usage. Don’t worry about the phone’s power being easily empty even after using it for a long time. This matter also makes the product slightly better than iPhone Max in Apple iPhone® XS Max vs iPhone XR.

Large Memory

Apple knows the needs of its users at its best. One of them is related to memory. You may see it in Apple iPhone 7 vs Apple XR. As you know, current files are mostly large mainly when you refer them to videos or images. Even images need large sizes to make them clear and more visible.

For this matter, iPhone XR is not so much different from iPhone 11 when you compare them in Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XR. The smartphone comes with 3 options of memory, they are 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Meanwhile, the RAM size given is also big enough, it is 3GB.

With such a big memory, don’t worry about problems like lagging or crashes when doing multitasking activities. Besides, of course, you can keep many files, even them with sizes, like videos and movies. This is something the iPhone XR’s friend, iPhone 8 can also do when you compare Apple iPhone 8 vs iPhone XR.

Satisfying Cameras

One of the most important aspects of a smartphone is the camera. Indeed, it seems that Apple has invested so much in iPhone 8 when talking about the camera. But when doing Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XR, it seems the rear camera of the XR series is slightly better. Yes, to satisfy the users more, the smartphone has been equipped with the main camera with 12MP resolution and 1.8f as well as a lens of 26 mm.

Do you want the pictures or videos made to be clearer and more beautiful even after applying Apple iPhone cases XR? The product also features some supporting technologies such as Optical Image Stabilization and Phase Detection Auto Focus.

If you must capture images in low-quality lighting, there are some more features for a better result. They are HDR for photos and panorama and Quad-LED dual-tone flash. Those features are seen also in Apple iPhone 12 release vs iPhone XR.

Other Features

Apple iPhone 128gb XR has numerous great features spreading in many parts of the product. Sure, there are some more features to make the product more qualified. One of them is its waterproof and dustproof features. The product has been certified IP67 just like Apple iPhone X in Apple iPhone X vs iPhone XR. It protects the product from water and dust better as the smartphone is resistant enough in a 1m-depth of water.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the Apple iPhone case XR that is thin but effective enough to protect the device from hits or blows. Anywhere you go, don’t worry about the “safety” of your smartphone. Well, do you agree with the Apple iPhone XR price reviews?